About Us

Hey y’all! My name Chris and I’m the Drunken Butcher. I grew up in Winchester, Virginia where I went hunting and fishing often with my father and a bunch of our cabin buddies. The first time my dad took me hunting was when I was five years old and I have been hooked ever since. Growing up as a hunter, I always lived by the words of “you kill it, you eat it” and being raised in a self-reliant family, we processed our own animals and I have been butchering my own animals for almost 25 years.

Now I am living in Southern Utah with my wife, Jordan, two daughters, Kira and Kyleigh, and son, Wyatt. Here in Southern Utah there isn’t a whole lot in the form of wild game processors. So, I have decided to open my own shop right here in Cedar City, Utah where people can come for high quality, reasonably priced processing of their wild game.

Join us on our compound and as we go on adventures and feel free to shoot us an email with an comments, questions or any feedback over on our contact page.