LEM Big Bite Tilt Meat Mixer

Mixing meat, especially up to 50 pounds at a time, can be very time consuming and exhausting. I needed something that wouldn’t drain my clock and energy whenever making things like sausage. So, with a little research, I bought the LEM Big Bite Tilt Meat Mixer in the 50 pound capacity. They do have smaller mixers and ones that do not tilt but with my butchering business I needed something large.

Like many of the other LEM Products that I have, this one hooks up to my #32 Big Bite Grinder is that I don’t have to manually mix the meat with the handle that is provided. I also have the Grinder Foot Switch to make things that much less time consuming and easier on me.

I have now used this mixer over ten times and I will not go back to hand mixing unless it is for small batches. It was difficult at first to figure out how to take the paddles out to clean the tank but now that we know it is very simple to take apart and to clean. But you want to make sure you clean it as soon as you are done using it because it is not non stick. We decided to leave it to clean for the next morning one time after a long night of processing and we ended up having to fill the tank up with water for a few hours to soak before we could fully clean it out.

As a direct result of your feedback, we’ve added some great features to our popular 50 lb. attachable mixers. It will make clean up and storage a breeze! Meat tub has three tilt positions: tilt 90 degrees for easy unloading, tilt to 115 degrees and tilt to 180 degrees for storage. Fully removable meat tub for easiest clean up ever. Flip-up latch for easy detachment of tub. Water-tight gear box includes glass roller bearings and step gear providing powerful torque for paddles to move meat. Swivel feet adjust to uneven surfaces. Universal drive shaft allows mixers to attach to any current (and most previous) LEM Stainless Steel grinder models purchased after 2001. The 50 lb. mixer will attach to any LEM Big Bite Grinder with a #12 head or larger. Legs adjust for height. Includes clear, acrylic PMMa cover. Handle included. Motor NOT included.

“Big Bite Tilt Meat Mixer – 50 LB. Capacity.” LEM Products

Meat Mixer

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