Compost Update

We started composting a little over a month ago and we have already filled up our first bin so now we are waiting for it all to decompose. Once it is all ready to go, it will go into our vegetable garden that we will be starting and our flower beds. Compost is a great additive to soil and many call it “black gold.”

We rotate and water down our mix at least once a week. Usually, I take it all out with a pitch fork and put it into a wheel barrow. I then shovel a few shovels full of compost into the bin and soak it with water. I continue this until all the compost is back in the bin and completely soaked with water.

The mix gets extremely hot, and smelly, due to the decomposing process. So, you will want to put your bin somewhere where you do not care about smells and flies. Ours is in the back corner of our yard and whenever I take the lid off I have to give it a minute before I can start working with it. This is because, just like an oven, it lets out a rush of heat and smell when it is first opened.

I can’t wait for the mix to be done with its decomposing process so it can be used and we can start using black gold! If you did not see our previous post, we use the Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost bin outside and the Abakoo 1.8 Gallon Kitchen Compost Bin in our kitchen to reduce trips to the outside bin.


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