LEM 1250 MaxVac Pro Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Tired of buying vacuum sealers that die after a season or two? Want to seal soups or high liquid content foods like jerky in marinade, stews, and the like? The LEM 1240 MaxVac Pro Chamber Vacuum Sealer is the last vacuum machine you’ll ever need!

When it comes to keeping food fresh, vacuum sealers are the best way to go. I have always used Food Saver vacuum sealers, which I love especially for the lightweight aspect and easy to transport, but I needed something that was going to keep up with my butchering needs. So, I decided to order the LEM 1240 MaxVac Pro from Amazon.

Some of my favorite aspects of this vacuum sealer is that it gets all the air out of bags and leaves a great seal, you can vacuum seal crackers and bread without crushing them by adjusting the vacuum level and it seals anything from liquids to dry goods.

I use this for all my food saving needs unless it is just a few things that need to be sealed. This is because it weighs 88.4 pounds and we don’t currently have a permanent location for it. So, every time I need to use it, I have to carry it all the way up from storage in our basement to our kitchen counter. Another great aspect is that  We can make stews, soups, marinades, etc. and seal them all with this machine.

The MaxVac Pro+ Chamber Vacuum Sealer packages virtually everything, from meat to fish to liquids. With chamber sealing technology, you’ll be able to increase the shelf-life of your home packaged perishables better than ever. Do you want to marinate meat in a sealed package? How about storing fish in a liquid immersion? Search no further, because the MaxVac Pro+ makes quick work of all vacuum sealing needs. A heavy-duty 1/2-horsepower oil pump and 1-HP motor stand up to prolonged and continuous use, while the stainless steel body and hinged lid-locking mechanism hold up to daily use for years. The MaxVac Pro+ works well for the daily user, the seasonal meat processor or even for occasional sous vide applications!

“MaxVac Pro+ Chamber Vacuum Sealer.” LEM Products

I’ve attached a video of the MaxVac Pro in action sealing up my wife’s phone. Enjoy!


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